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TimePilot iButton Locks: Smart, simple, secure

How Does the AccessPilot Software Work?

The process, in a nutshell:

1. Tell the AccessPilot software what changes you want made.

2. Save the changes to the Program iButton via the iButton Receptor.

3. Touch the Program iButton to each lock to transfer the changes.

4. Touch the Program iButton to the iButton Receptor to let the software know the changes have been made.

Black iButtons are used to operate the locks; a special yellow Program iButton is included in each Lock Management Kit and is used to set up the locks.CrossOver locks are installed on your doors just like standard locks. The locks are self-contained—no cables or wires to run!

AccessPilot software is compatible with the Windows 7 operating system.

Our proprietary AccessPilot software is installed on your Windows-based computer and the iButton Receptor (shown below) attaches to a USB port on your PC.

Use your software to set up each lock and each employee’s iButton. Each button has a unique ID number, so you can give different employees’ buttons different levels of access. You can set times of entry, specific locks, etc., and track the lock’s use by employee.

When you're done preparing the setup information, just snap your "Program iButton"—an enhanced iButton —into the iButton Receptor and use the AccessPilot software to transfer the lock access data to the iButton's memory. Unsnap your Program iButton from its receptor and touch it to each lock. The iButton setup information is transferred to the lock’s memory.

That’s it—the locks are ready to operate! Want to track the lock’s use? Touch your Program iButton to the lock and plug it into the iButton Receptor at your PC. You’ll see when the lock was used and who used it.

Click here to see screenshots of the AccessPilot software. Want to read the software manuals? They're in the Support Center.

The iButton Receptor, part of the Lock 							Management Kit, connects to your PC’s USB port and assists in the transfer of information from the software 					to the locks.

is used only
in these locks:

CrossOver X45
CrossOver X45

CrossOver X25
CrossOver X25

CrossOver X15
CrossOver X15

CrossOver Doorstrike Controller
CrossOver Doorstrike Controller